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Welcome to the photography website of Barry Burtenshaw. I am a photography enthusiast living in Centerville, Ohio. I have done a fair amount of volunteer photography for Centerville High School over the last several years. Please contact me if you would like me to photograph a particular event.
Home: 937-436-3885
Email: bburtensha@aol.com

My wife Martha is an Ahni & Zoe Executive Director. She has been an Independent Consultant for 20 years. She has earned 18 incentive trips and has taken me on 14 of those! If you would like to purchase photo albums, supplies, need help figuring out what to do with all of your pictures, or are interested in the business please contact her. (I could always use another vacation!)

Martha Burtenshaw
Executive Director
Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories
Email: cmarthab@aol.com
Home: 937-436-3885
Web: www.ahniandzoe.com/martha

As of 01/13/13, due to increased costs I have had to increase prices. Free downloads of the original full-size images are available on *some* photos (there will be a "Download Image..." button above those). If the button isn't there you can download a small version (suitable for Facebook or email) of *most* photos for free. Once you are in the gallery just select the thumbnail of the photo you want on the left side of the page so that you see a medium sized version on the right. Position your mouse pointer over the medium image, right-click, select "Save image as...", and choose where on your computer to store it. If you can't download the original, full-size image (no button) you can purchase most of them.

If you order prints and need them by a certain date please consider getting at least the "3-5 Business Day" shipping option since that will allow your shipped order to be tracked.

Please note that SmugMug is a commercial digital photo sharing website service that I use to host my photos. I personally do not own, manage, or maintain SmugMug or their servers. If you have a question on a SmugMug order please contact the SmugMug Support Heroes at help@smugmug.com

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